As we approach the very special TMF Red Carpet Event on Sunday, October 21 from 4-7PM at the Columbia Memorial Space Center, we wanted to give you a taste of Tawn Mastrey’s niece, Xaria, and her new guitarist Dean Williams (straight off the boat from Australia) as the duo will be performing a special acoustic set during the event. They were performing/jamming/improvising at the Rainbow Room with a full house recently. A snippet of video is attached for your listening pleasure.

Event Reminder:

If you want Xaria and Dean to continue to ROCK out loud, then you need to "Eat This!".

Purchase your copy here: ... soon to be available for digital download through iBooks (iTunes). 100% proceeds benefit the foundation to continue the cause.

Many Blessings and good wishes of health and well being to you all.

The Tawn Mastrey Foundation is here to stay in L.A.

Let's ROCK together, around the world explode with music to SLAY the Dragon.

We will all be in the studio creating music, material to tour with.

Knowledge is power.

We thank each and every one of you.

We are now taking donations to spread the message world wide through music, art, entertainment and media.

All donations are tax deductible.

Peace and Love.

Rock Hard Live Long.

Cara Mastrey

Founder/Chairperson, Tawn Mastrey Foundation

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