It's funny the things you think of!

We just moved in to our new digs in Scottsdale! Now when I say Scottsdale don't freak thinking EXCUSE ME! No it's nice and myself and Mrs Lee dig it! But it's not like Dave Chapelle Nice. Off course he would say I'm not like Kevin Hart nice.

Anyway, back to why I'm breaking my silence. We are in this retirement community. No I'm not that old but I'm old

enough! The new place came with some new neighbors. One guy brings me ornamental Oranges (that you can't eat)

So why the f%$# would give them to anyone? He also has a buddy here. This guy goes around offering his Landscape services for just $30 a month. I have desert landscaping and it takes me around 3 minutes a morning to keep the yard 

on track! So after 3 visits I think he gets it!

Well back to my original post! 

this morning I got at 4 like normal. I'm Ironing the new curtains for the Arcadia door and decide I'll multi task,

(mainly because I hate Ironing) So I should explain I have a list of Honey Do that Freak someone organized let alone 

Mr Where did I leave my phone me! So I think I'll Iron a panel then I'll adjust the  height of one of the 3 Guides for

the curtain rod (they are to high) So I look for a screw driver of the proper proportions I can't find it. We did I put that?

 Ah memory kicks in I bought a set of all types of screwdrivers back in 'o7 before the Millennial's landed here! Oh yeah I

left them at my brothers house. Well that's not going to work! My Brother Bob Committed Suicide this last December 5th.

His Only Daughter is now selling everything he ever owned! I miss him! I wish he would have let me take him to lunch that last thanks giving.

So now I decide I'll go buy more screwdrivers.

Well I better get to that. 

Anyway I use to Blog weekly letting you what was pissing me off! The Radio station has suffered during my absence. 

So Here is my Promise to you! I'll write every Friday about things I care about. in the same time The station will again become a priority!

Talk to you soon! I have to go throw some more damn non edible F&%%$ Oranges! 

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