I'm waiting a week, and then going to see Prometeus.


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Comment by Jay Bontempi on June 8, 2012 at 12:09pm

I want to see that too.I will wait as well, by that time the crowds will taper down.It looks like a great cast.They started filming Iron Man 3 in Cary NC this week and all summer out there with over 1500 extras.They saying it will generate 80 million for the town,which is good,but the weather has to suck in the South in the summer.Humid!IronMan 3 release date schedule for 5/3/2013 I can't wait for Thor2 and Avengers 2 with their new Charactor,that goes back to 1973.After the movie while running the credits they showed the trailor for Avengers 2 with the Charactor,which was introduced in the Comic book Avenger back in 73' I'm a Comic book GEEK....


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