Been very busy, life is a little bit like a yard sale it sort of comes in spurts. Right now things are spurting quite a bit, we just had a newspaper article written about the station That was pretty cool. What's really cool is that you can now sign into Arizona's Real Rock Radio via Facebook and many other options. Yeah tell your friends please.

First let's take care of some old business. i.e. NEW MUSIC MONDAY This week we had two different artists first Ockhams Razor a killer band out of the pacific NW these guys play some very cool stuff the formed in 2006 as a Celtic Music 4 piece acoustic band. Their goal make Celtic music sexy! The bands released 4 albums to date the latest Wolves in the Walls a CD that contains for acts or parts. The album has received nothing but positive feedback I have added many tracks to our playlist. Give these guys a listen they deserve it!

The second artist we featured was Lisa Brigantino out of Brooklyn NY she is an American Folk artist or at least that is how she bills herself. She is actually much more, her music tells a story. The album Wonder Wheel is very diversified rock, r&b, folk, pop, jazz and more the CD will surprise you at every turn, very cool!

Remember if you make music we would love to hear it send mp3's to btw a band we featured last week will be in Flagstaff Arizona at the Flagstaff Brewery on the 19th of this month Kory Montegomery Band please check them out!

Well more to come
Dave OUT!

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