The other day has I rode back in a shuttle from the airport after an exhausting weekend with my grandkids, I got involved in a conversation with this guy Bob who calls himself the Arizona Dude. Bob is an actor and we had more than a few people and places in common. One of the things we had in common was the fact the to keep in contact with the world today you must be mobile. I remember that at one time when I jumped on a plane I had several pieces of carry on dedicated to communication. My laptop, cellular phone, pager, a palm pilot and off course I needed to jam my favorite tunes so I had a walk man and then a tape player in case I was in what called a crappy radio area. This time has I rode home I thought about my trip I carried all these in my front pocket in cased in my Blackberry. I received and answered emails, text updates on my flights kept in contact with friends and family, listened to my own tunes via my phones music player, caught up with the latest news watched a video and listened to Arizona's Real Rock Radio yes hat's right I was able to listen and interact with my station from the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. That's where Bob the Arizona dude comes in, I love my Blackberry and this guy Bob starts going on and on and on and on about the new Droid X, I one point I became slightly frustrated because Bob would fire back at my about the dominance of his dream phone. I let him know that my phone was capable of all the functions he kept raving about but at every turn he would reaffirm the dominance of the aforementioned smartphone. I let myself out of this debate and resumed just listening. The it hit me Bob here was much older than my self and yet such a fan of new technology. I realized that I had not embraced the mobile movement they way I should have so here you go!

iPhone users can just load the following link in your standard default browser (safari):

Blackberry users can install one of the following apps: MFRadio or Radiobee
If you own a Blackberry 8900 curve like myself simply text me at 818-472-7888 with "on air" in the text or in the header of an email to and I will get the link to you immediately.

Droid users I found this app: however I did not test it.

Thanks for listening and please alway feel free to comment and offer suggestions.
David Lee

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