I'm headed to Westercon later today.  Probably post a bigger blog about it on monday.  Pheonix is 2014 will have a table there.  Might even wear my Gods of Wrath T-shirt too.  http://www.westercon65.org.  I'm am taking a camera with me.  Will probably post photos on my facebook page on monday.

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Comment by Cindy Blando on July 15, 2012 at 5:10pm

Hey Dave,

I've been a little busy, and I wasn't sure what I was going to write.  Westercon was a small convention.  The folks from Leprecon (Phoenix NasFic bid had a table there).  They will be having a big Sci Fi convention when world con is in London in 2014.  Westercon will be in Sacramento next year.  And Salt Lake City won the vote for 2014 (they ran unopposed).  Westercon started Thursday July 5th with closing ceremonies (the theme of the convetion had to do with time and space).  Since the mayan's predicted the end of the world there were quite a few panels on how armegeddon would occur.  There were the usual autograph sessions with the guests of honor.  I missed the Dr. Who Cabaret.  But I did catch the Masquerade on saturday evening.  My boyfriend came along too.  It was his first sci fi convention, and he didn't know what to expect.  He had a fun time.  There were a few of the usual after parties.  Biohazard was there.  I'm not that crazy about techno music, so I usually don't stick around them for too long.  The Spokane world con bid had a party (for 2015-they are competing against the folks from Orlando).  The folks from London had a nice spread.  Saw some old friends, and made a few new ones.  Had a lot of fun.  My boyfriend had to leave early.  He is stage crew for the band Mechanism.  They had a show on saturday of the convention (in seattle).  Not that many people were in costume until saturday.  There were a few pirates, some steampunk folks, and a few starfleet (star trek) folks.  Didn't see anyone dressed as a Klingon though.

Comment by David Lee on July 15, 2012 at 4:20pm

waiting for details very cool!


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