So tired lately, what's the deal?

Are you finding yourself drained? Are you thinking about Dec. 21st 2012?

I think I'm tired of hearing of thinking about the upcoming Mayan Calendar cycle ending!

So here's what I want to think about first baby Elephants

Second thought Hockey I can't Wait for the Arizona Sundogs here in Prescott Valley. We're acquiring new players everyday!

Way to go Chris & Dave! 

Last Tuesday Iron Maiden Hockey was a top story. Nashville Predators backup goalie Chris Mason unveiled a new mask for the 2012-2013 NHL season.

Mason's mask is inspired by the Egyptian-themed cover of the Iron Maiden's 1984 album, "Powerslave." Mason hooked up with Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir.

Iron Maiden's album covers were created originally by artist Derek Riggs, who has inspired Nash throughout his own career. 

Meanwhile on the Rock Scene I found some cool stuff

"Re-Machined: A Tribute To Machine Head" is a compilation CD featuring re-interpretations of Deep Purple’s landmark 1972 album with songs recorded byMetallica, Iron Maiden, Chickenfoot, Black Label Society and more.

The first preview features a look at Aussie music legend Jimmy Barnes and guitarist Joe Bonamassa’s cover of “Lazy.”

“I’m a huge Deep Purple fan,” says Barnes. “As a young kid, one of the reasons I wanted to get into a rock n’ roll band was to be as loud as Deep Purple.”

The disc will be available on September 4 with Classic Rock magazine'sDeep Purple fanpack, and in stores on September 25.

Deep Purple’s most successful record, “Machine Head” reached number 1 in the UK and stayed in the top 40 for 20 weeks; it reached number 7 in the United States, remaining on the Billboard 200 for 118 weeks.

Various Artists
"Re-Machined: A Tribute To Machine Head"

01. Smoke On The Water – Carlos Santana / Jacoby Shaddix
02. Highway Star – Chickenfoot
03. Maybe I’m A Leo – Glenn Hughes / Chad Smith
04. Pictures of Home – Black Label Society
05. Never Before – Kings of Chaos
06. Smoke On The Water – The Flaming Lips
07. Lazy – Jimmy Barnes with Joe Bonamassa
08. Space Truckin’ – Iron Maiden
09. When A Blind Man Cries – Metallica

Plus, exclusive to this special edition:

10. Highway Star – Steve Vai, Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith, Lauchlan Doley


Bulletboys frontman Marq Torien has announced the death of former drummer Robby Karras in a brief statement.

He was behind the kit for the hard rock outfit’s 1995 release Acid Monkey, which forged a new direction for them as they fought to escape their “hair band” labelling.

No details relating to the death have been confirmed, although it’s thought Karras had been ill for some time.

Torien says: “Today is a sad day – my brother Robby just passed away.

“Thank you, bro, for being in my life and sharing all your amazing drumming and musical skills with me. You were such a loving and awesome man.

“We worked hard and played hard on Acid Monkey. I will never forget everything you did for me. I will miss you bad, my friend.

“I know you’re in heaven because we both prayed together for that to happen for you. Please know I will always keep playing and writing music, like you make me promise you.

“God bless you and your family.”

Meanwhile, former Kottonmouth Kings member Pakelika, real name Patrick Cochrun, has died at the age of 34. A spokesman for the comedy rap-rock artist says: “Patrick fought asthma for many years successfully. There was no way he could have foreseen the severity of his last seizure. Hospital staff tried to revive him the five times he flatlined.” Cochrun died peacefully at the weekend surrounded by friends and family.

Rush are getting set to launch their “Clockwork Angels” tour, which....

In a new interview with Canada’s Maclean’s magazine, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart shares some thoughts on the upcoming tour and talks about the concept of the new album.

“This started as a simple [idea]—the steampunk image and aesthetic I liked, I suggested to the guys as the basis for some kind of extended work,” explains Peart. “It built up to [the album] piece by piece by organic expansion. All the music was created by [bassist] Geddy [Lee] and [guitarist] Alex [Lifeson] jamming in the studio, and many of the lyrics were just extemporized over email.”


Well that's all for now!

Dave out

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