First I've had something going on in my life for almost three years now actually started before that, it is almost over and I cannot wait to let you in and finally put this behind me. Details soon

Next Nancy Grace first you are one ugly bitch, and when I say ugly I'm not talking physical although you are a qualifier on the premise also. You make a living on berating others making accusations distorting facts and simply being a bully. I hope you experience just once the hell you put others through without a thought!



Next order of Business Red Sox!

How can you lose a 9 game lead in 25 days? Red Sox faithful just shrug and move on. The team just fell apart, do you blame the front office, the coach, the players or the fans. Me I blame the Fenway Franks I think they changed the recipe. Remember the New Coke. Theo Epstein who'll be the first to tell you he won two World Series Championships in 2004 and 2007, made the statement immediately following the loss "As an organization we have to look at our successes and failures, and what happened in 2011 - we take full responsibility for it. All of us collectively look at it as a failure. I'm the general manager, so I take more responsibility than anybody. But I know we don't believe in scapegoats, particularly blaming Tito for what happened in September. We all failed collectively. We're all together in this; we've got to live with that. We're not pointing fingers at any one person in particular."

The next morning Tito was gone


That's all for now, oh BTW Nancy Grace is still alive on DWTS that's too frickin bad!

Dave out!



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