Just walking through from the hammock out back to the kitchen up front. 

I see Cantori on a Pensacola beach talking Tropical Storm Debby. Immediately I think about Tom Salazar, one of my best friends. We did some radio together in Florida. On the air he was Vinnie or Jack the Smack, cut me sack get, off my back  and don't talk back.

We golfed and downed a lot of JD through the years. And today the events of recently just sunk in a little deeper. I've been trying to contact Tom for the last few months to no avail. Now once in awhile he wouldn't answer my VM but only for awhile until whatever was happening blew over in the life of Tom. I finally just called his work and found out what I already knew Tom had passed away from Cancer. I miss him and I'm not sure who of his friends knows. I just wanted everyone to think about someone you care about. Always say good things and often. It's made me think more about those in my life everyday and how important they are. 

Dave Out!

BTW the Psychedelic Detached Garage WAS KILLER Today I may listen again tonight at 10p

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