How Are You?

  You know we get asked that a thousand times a day! Do you think the person who asked really wants to know?

Sometime it easy to know, you actually start to answer and see their eyes go to the Kill ME NOW Look!

  You will probably or have tried to ask somebody How Are You? At this point you really want to know.

Here's the varied responses I've experinced

  • They breakout into a rant which starts at conception and explodes to WTF!
  • They hold there feelings inside, example Oh I'm Okay. (usually followed by a short clue statement)
  • They ones that use this opening as a chance to change your opinion of the world. Thanks Hitler I'm cool!
  • Or one of my faves, these people look right in the eye, grasp your hand, "How Are You?" with conviction.

So for the next time someone asks, How Are You? Here is how you know if the mean it "Great, Thanks for asking, hey sorry about that dent in your car" 

  Other thoughts, Hey Assholes! Stop driving 95 in a 75! Also you have no special driving talent!

Gotta go!

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