In today's politically correct (Bullsh%t) world there are so many things to be thankful for.......

Like waking up early to check out a cool sunset!

You are free to do what you want! 

The way you feel when you wake up and

realize it's Saturday!

I love walking into my favorite Bakery for a

Bagel, pastry or whatever! When you realize

it's your time, you feel relaxed!

Sort of like Yeah

ahhhhhhh. Sip your favorite beverage,

enjoy that bagel

Wow I forgot how much I love salmon on my bagel!

What a great way to start off a weekend!

Everything is going great then somehow it just happens! You feel a little anxious. Weird, you don't know why. You just feel it! Something inside that pushes away the serenity that was flooding your cerebellum with peace and love and Ahhh fades. Your mind goes into to do list mode!

You realize everything you have to do.

This is what you believe is life or death or it at least it feels that way!  

Here less than an hour in to what was shaping up to be an AWESOME

kick off to your weekend, Now seems miles away!

I better go see my clients, work on that commercial, clean up the yard,

wash the car, clean the house or whatever!

Now it's a race against the clock trying get all the shit you can't get done

in the week because you work multiple jobs or wear multiple hats at work

because that's just how it is!

Think about that for a second....That's just how it is! Then for a second you think of friends or celebrities who are going away fro the weekend, camping, beaching, surfing, whatever! But not you!


Good question!

I was talking to a couple of major rockers and I mean somebody you hear on the radio Everyday!

I asked my friend hey man why do you have so much going on all at once? He explained that today he no longer

makes money via music sales! In fact he and his band give it way.

They continually tour because today that is how

This is the one thing that I think we all can agree on!you survive in the music world!

I don't care if you're a professional athlete, musician, TV or Movie Star, Engineer or a Nurse spreading Ebola with the CDC's Blessings, "Times are Hard"  anything you are in the work world is different now. There is no one who is not affected in some way.

Here is my challenge! Try for just day! Today, Tomorrow sometime before you forget and fall backin to the death machine know as life!

Do something you enjoy and do it without a schedule I mean Unplug man! Don't let anything bring you back to reality! Nothing, No Banking

no touching tech stuff at all do something

 and your thoughts are the only thing in

look up at the sky and notice something cool in the cloudsyour mind! Start by taking a short walk and

 Only you can save you!

I promise you all that crap that's popping in your head right

now, will still be there even if unplug for awhile. I don't carry

my cell phone on weekends anymore! It's Liberating, I won't

take it in to a restaurant. This just freaks out my some of my


By the way I used to carry my phone into the shower

or in the can I don't think I should be talking while

I'm doing that! C'mon people is nothing sacred!

Go Ahead carry your phone but turn it off! Not on vibrate, OFF!  

That's my challenge see if it doesn't feel sort of liberating!


Comment back with what you did so the rest of us can try it out!


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