Some of you who know me from facebook know that I was with The Rev David Wayne from 2003 - 2005.  Last week one of David's ex band mates (Nacho) was up here visiting from San Antonio.  Met up with Him, his girlfriend, and another ex Reverend member Jay Wegener.  They were on their way to visit David's brother who lives in Vancouver, WA.  Last night ran into two other ex members of Reverend.  John Stahlman was playing with a band called "Faces Pale" at Louie G's out in Fife, WA.  Todd Stotz (another ex Reverend member) was there.  Hadn't seen him in a really long time.  And met his wife Andrea finally.  We all still miss David a hell of a lot.  He touched a lot of lives in the short amount of time he was on this earth.

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