Maybe I should open up? Will that release the pain I feel.

How Dave became Dave.

  I write this for me. I'm not looking for help, I don't need to fix something.

Just like You, there are times I feel incredible Pain. Other times I scold myself for thinking "why me" when something doesn't go exactly how I want. When that happens I usually see something or someone going through what must be untolorable Hell!

  At this point I feel like an ass for ever feeling "Why Me'. I have an incredible life although there are times were I find that hard to remember. This morning I wake up the first Great thing about today. I'm low on cash because a clients batch didn't process until after midnight last Tuesday and the company says that means you wait till next Friday to get your cash. 

  I know money is not the key to happiness. But it can sure make you forget the saddness! Saddness there is another problem. I have this Industrial 55 gallon drum size guilt. Some things are little. Like my friend Rick Flagg in Tallahasse I forgot to give him back $20 like 10 years ago before I left town. Or big things like no matter what I do, I can't forgive myself for being the one behind the wheel when my wife of 30 years died in an offroad rollover accident. Sometime not now! But when you and I know each other better I will give all the details.

  I'm also going to give you some cool stories and pictures. Like right now there's a guy named Chris who has one hell of a story. Chris and his Pit bull Dexter are walking the earth a little Cane in Kung Fu. His Journey began in Tucson here he left a shattered marriage ( more details  coming) 

   I first met Chris one morning on the Carefree highway next to the Chevron just to the east of I - 17 I stopped to use the restroom before meeting my friend Johnny Daisy Mountain Coffee. Chris was with a guy named Taiwan dressed in military clothing. They were traveling together for the next day or so then Chris went on towards the Northwest. Tawian chose a different path.  

Here are some pics courtesy of Ron Cooper a Kite Instructor

Thanks Ron! 

There are more pics coming plus I've hada few discussions with Chris I will start playing those on Sundays during wake n Bake.

Thoughts all for now. I will try to do something at leat once a day!

Thanks for listening

Have a great rest of your day

Dave out

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