Kill Devil Hill (Backstage Bar and Grill-Tacoma, WA)

Saturday night Kill Devil Hill played the Backstage Bar and Grill (Tacoma, WA).  The opening bands included American Wrecking co., and Stone Bender.  A friend of mine from the Mechanism road crew went to go pick up the singer for Kill Devil Hill at the hotel.  He waited an hour, and the guy never made it out of his room.  The opening bands were awesome.  They didn't have any major problems.  The sound system was perfect.  Then Kill Devil Hill went on.  The band had attittude problems from the begininng.  The sound was never to their liking.  At one point they walked off the stage.  Then they threatened the show promotor.  At that point the show was stopped.  She told the crowd what happened to her.  And gave everyone a refund to the show (or a free ticket to a future show).  The band also blew up the Backstage's amps.  They will be in Cleaveland next week.  Hopefully their attittude will have improved and, any equipment they blow up will be their own.

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Comment by Cindy Blando on May 6, 2012 at 10:33am

The bar opens in the afternoon.  They kicked everyone out (temporarily) around 7pm to do a soundcheck (without the lead singer, who was in his room pouting about something).  They will not ever be booked again at the Backstage from what I have heard.  Heather, the girl who books the bands, will be spreading the word to other clubs about what happened.  She also books the bands at El Corazon in Seattle.


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