I remember the first time I heard Zappa I think I was at a friends house back in high school. I believe we were listening to Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe when Alan said "dude, have you heard of Frank Zappa?" "Frank who?" my reply. My buddy's parents had just bought a Quadraphonic system and the LP Apostrophe had just been released in "Quadraphonic" It was unreal in fact I personally dedicated the song Stink Foot to my brother.

I really didn't get to listen to Frank that often, I had discovered girls and cars. I spent most of my time working on both. Later another friend Don turned me on to Frank again! I've be digging him ever since. The song Slime on the Video puts it all in prospective, at least in my opinion whether it's the government, slanted media or corporate networks these reality shows are not really reality. They've created a whole new type of "reality show star". Basically no talent self centered Menbos and Bimbos have found a way to exploit a once artistic noble profession. I wonder what real actors and actresses think about these idiots. Anyway I step down from my soapbox, before I go one last shot. TLC what is the reason for a reality show that glamorizes an illegal and degrading lifestyle. I'm speaking of course about a new show from the creators of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the show
"Sister Wives" a seven episode series that follows a polygamous family through their everyday experiences. To be honest I could care less. I guess the ratings will be the judge! learn more
Dave Out

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