Dear Mom, I miss what was once, and what once was!

From the time I heard your voice those first nine months before we met. 

To the joy in your eyes that made it right.

The tone in your voice when I was wrong.

That spark in your smile that light up the night.

Always Defending

Always Supporting

Always Believing

It Always happens,

          Maybe it's Day, Maybe it's Night!

I think of you and I feel alright.

This Times it's a girl, who is always right!

 Come on Mama make it alright!

Sometimes it's a job or a fight!

  Please Mama make it alright1

Pressure of life gets me wound up tight!

    Help Me Mama, Make it alright!

In 2004 you left us for good, 

           I guess God needed the very best in his hood.

As the years go by. I still hang my head and Cry!

              And I probably always will till the Day I Die!

So for now I say goodbye Mama I hope your alright. 

 Thank You Mama for always making it All Right!

I miss you Mama and what was once, and what once was!

Your Son.

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