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Its movie review time again.  Recently saw the move Flight with Denzel Washington.  He's an airline pilot with an alcolhol and drug problem.  He crashes a plane.  An investigation into the accident unfolds, and his life falls apart.  It was Rated "R" mainly for drug use and a little nudity.  It was pretty good.  Saw the movie Argo a few weeks ago.  Ben Affleck is a CIA agent during the Iranian hostage crisis.  He recues a few Americans who escaped from the US embassary.  They were hiding out…


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Moonrise Kingdom

Saw this movie this afternoon.  It is set on an island in New England in 1965.  Two 12 year olds fall in love, and make a secret pact to run away together.  As the authorities hunt for them a violent storm brews off the coast.  It starts Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Francis McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, and Harvey Kietel. 

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Westercpm 65

I'm headed to Westercon later today.  Probably post a bigger blog about it on monday.  Pheonix is 2014 will have a table there.  Might even wear my Gods of Wrath T-shirt too.  I'm am taking a camera with me.  Will probably post photos on my facebook page on monday.

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I'm sure by now that everyone has heard the news that Geoff Tate and the rest of QR have parted ways.  Its bittersweet for me.  I have been a QR fan since the beginning.  I was in the fan club from The Warning album until about the year 2000.  I was involved in the QR pen mates club and participated in Seattle '96 (pen pal get together).  I still keep in touch with a few of my former pen pals on facebook.  Most of us QR fans are happy about this news.  After Chris DeGarmo left so did the…


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Snow White and the huntsman.

Saw this a few days ago.  It was okay.  A better movie to rent, watch with friends, and make snide comments during the movie.  This movie was definately geared towards teenage girls.  That is all.

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Yes, its another movie review.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel stars Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, and the guy who was in Slumdog Millionaire (can't remember his name).  Brithish retirees in financial straits move to India.  Some adjust to India better than others.  They were all lured by the fancy brochure.  What they find when they get to India is a run down building with a kid with big dreams.  Everyone who moved to India had their own back story, and they all had different…


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Kill Devil Hill (Backstage Bar and Grill-Tacoma, WA)

Saturday night Kill Devil Hill played the Backstage Bar and Grill (Tacoma, WA).  The opening bands included American Wrecking co., and Stone Bender.  A friend of mine from the Mechanism road crew went to go pick up the singer for Kill Devil Hill at the hotel.  He waited an hour, and the guy never made it out of his room.  The opening bands were awesome.  They didn't have any major problems.  The sound system was perfect.  Then Kill Devil Hill went on.  The band had attittude problems from…


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Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.

Yes, its movie review time again.  Salmon Fishing In the Yemen stars Ewan McGregor as a fisheries expert hired by a PR consultant on behalf of a billionaire Sheik.  He wants to bring fly fishing to the middle east.  McGregor's character is skepitcal at first.  But the PR firm is looking for a feel good story out of the middle east for a change.  So things progress, but along the way terrorists try to sabatage the dream.  And there is also family drama too.  I took a friend with me.  My…


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LepreCon 38?

Is anyone going to LepreCon this weekend?  The offcial website is:  I'll be at norwescon starting tomorrow.  (I'm a geeky rocker chick.)  I noticiced on the LepreCon site that Steven Furst is a guest of honor, and there will be a toga party.  sounds fun.  LepreCon in 2014 will be a big convention in the USA when worldcon goes to London.  Might have register for…


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Emerald City Comic Con.

I went to comic con at the convention center in downtown Seattle yesterday.  It was really crowded.  I met Edward James Olmos, and Lea Thompson.  I didn't get autographs though (cause they wanted $50).  Wil Weaton was also there, and he didn't charge for autographs.  But there was a really long line that I didn't feel like standing in.  There was also a panel on Adult Origami.  Who knew you could make naughty bits out of little pieces of paper.  After comic con, my friends in the band…


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"Reverend" family reunions.

Some of you who know me from facebook know that I was with The Rev David Wayne from 2003 - 2005.  Last week one of David's ex band mates (Nacho) was up here visiting from San Antonio.  Met up with Him, his girlfriend, and another ex Reverend member Jay Wegener.  They were on their way to visit David's brother who lives in Vancouver, WA.  Last night ran into two other ex members of Reverend.  John Stahlman was playing with a band called "Faces Pale" at Louie G's out in Fife, WA.  Todd Stotz…


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Springing forward.

Daylight savings time is this weekend.  Switching clocks ahead one hour is stupid.  Whoever thought of this was stupid.  Rant over.  That is all.  Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Yes kids its another movie review.  Saw it this evening before it left the theater.  Gary Oldman stars at a british spy in the 70's.  He's forced out of the agency.  And then he's brought back in to investigate a botched mission in Budapest.  Colin Firth, and John Hurt are also in this.  It was a good movie.  I have liked Gary Oldman in everything I have ever seen him in.  If you like spy thrillers this is a good one.  It was rated R.  There was some nudity here and there too. 

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Michael Schenker.

Saw Michael Schenker last night.  It was awsome.  He's headed to Tempe, AZ in March.  Go!  My friend's band Mechanism opened for him last night.  They killed it!  It was Mike's (bass) last show unfortunately.  Mechanism will be opening for Lynch Mob in March.  Looks like I'm going to see Lynch Mob again.

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Those crazy Seattle rockers Underride are going on tour again.  They will be in Austin, TX on Feb, 19th.  They are skipping AZ (sorry), but they will be in New Mexico and Denver.  Take a road trip people.  All I have to say is lock up yer daughters and rock on!  You can check out their Facebook page for more info.

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Iron Lady,

Yes kids its movie review time again.  Last night I saw Iron Lady with Meryl Streep.  She did an excellent job as Margaret Thatcher.  The story was told as Mrs. Thatcher struggles with dimentia and remembers her life (via flashbacks).  The makeup people did an excellent job also.  I almost didn't recognize Meryl as the elderly woman she portayed.  There were a lot of British actors that I didn't recognize except one.  Anthony Steward Head was a member of her cabinet.  For those of you who…


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The Artist

Saw the movie "The Artist" last night at my little independent movie theater.  I liked it a lot.  But then again I'm an old movie buff.  The dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) stole the show from the humans.  A lot of good movies are out right now just in time for the voters of the academy to vote on them.   Come late February the crappy movies are coming back to a theater near you.

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The snow is gone.

Well, almost.  Except for the "ice burgs" in parking lots.  I'm ready for the next round.

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Smowmaggedon contnues.

As of 9 am (took out a ruler), 10 inches of snow.  Its still coming down.  Its up to the dog's shoulders.  Made a path for her in the back yard.

My back doesn't like me any more.  Its supposed to warm up and rain.  I'll believe it when it happens.

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Brrrr its cold outside.

Its a balmy 20 degrees this morning.  RIP One Life to Life.  Another soap bites the dust on friday.

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