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"Who we really are" is the fourth album of rockers ARMONIGHT.

NEROCROMO MUSIC and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to present "Who we really are" the fourth album of rockers ARMONIGHT.…


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Breaking Chain ex NWOBHM legend Le Griffe debut with Nerocromo Music

NEROCROMO MUSIC and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are excited to announce the official single of BREAKING CHAIN, outfit Heavy metal band from UK!

The band was founded in Stoke on Trent by Rob Mosely and Paul Ibbs, well known for having played with LE GRIFFE, legendary…


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In today's politically correct (Bullsh%t) world there are so many things to be thankful for.......

Like waking up early to check out a cool sunset!

You are free to do what you want! 

The way you feel when you wake up and

realize it's…


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Dear Mom, I miss what was once, and what once was!

From the time I heard your voice those first nine months before we met. 

To the joy in your eyes that made it right.

The tone in your voice when I was wrong.

That spark in your smile that light up the night.

Always Defending

Always Supporting

Always Believing

It Always happens,

          Maybe it's Day, Maybe it's Night!

I think of you and I feel alright.

This Times it's a girl, who is always right!

 Come on…


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TMF 10-21-2012 Red Carpet Event was a Great Success!

Thank you to ALL the Rock Star Warriors, Special Friends and Honored Guests who attended the TMF HCV event on 10/21/2012 and who have the desire to take this on the road, and to all the TMF volunteer bitches who we all do this for the purest reasons out of our own pockets…


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Dreams come true through action!

Today is the day I realize a lifelong dream.

Well I may have told you the story before so h ere's the short version. As I grew up I loved radio, I would listen to the DJ's on the radio and thought that had to be the coolest job in the world! it started with a little red & white transistor radio when I was…


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Finally a Quick Check in!

First sorry I've been so busy but if you keep up with you know allot of changes going on, thanks to all who have joined the site and all those who will be joining. Soon Membership will have it's Privillages!

Yesterday i talked about this chick Daphne Selfe, she's 83 and the worlds oldest Supermodel. Here's the…


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Think PINK!

Check out this beauty mate!

A 12.76-carat pink diamond has been unearthed in an Australian mine, the largest ever found in the country.

Christened as the Argyle Pink Jubilee, the diamond was found in mining giant Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia's East Kimberly…


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If someone today asked you to travel to another planet to establish a "Earth 2" would you go. Knowing that due to the properties of  long distance space travel you would age a few years. By the time you arrived home all your friends and family would hjave long since died. Would you go? Let me know, email me with your thoughts you will remain anonymous. …


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Time for reflection!

Andy Rooney passed away today, a guy who came into this world 2 days before prohibition was ratified by 3/4 of the states. The same day John McGraw, Charles A Stoneham, & Judge MCQuade buy NY Giants. Two days before 2 million gallons of molasses flood Boston MA, drowning 21. He admitted to loving…


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As I read the news and get ready for today's show the first thing I see after updated this day in rock is this!

Gunman In Calif. Kills 8 People At Hair Salon

A gunman opened fire in a busy hair salon, killing eight people and critically wounding another while leaving bodies scattered throughout the business in a normally sedate Southern California beach community.…


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First I've had something going on in my life for almost three years now actually started before that, it is almost over and I cannot wait to let you in and finally put this behind me. Details soon

Next Nancy Grace first you are one ugly bitch, and when I say ugly I'm not talking…


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Well maybe not healthy but less likely to make you obese.

Move over, fad diets. Scientists have identified something else that might keep off excess weight.

Smoking pot.

That's right, marijuana users are less likely to be obese than their non-toking counterparts, according to a…


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Is nothing sacred! Jerk off Jerk makes the news!


MAY 23--In another repulsive in-flight episode, a Florida man was arrested last Thursday by the FBI after he allegedly “masturbated to the point of ejaculation” while traveling on a United Airlines flight en route to Colorado, The Smoking Gun has learned.



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If you are taking the SAT's better catch up on your Reality TV!

Every year, the SAT reduces more than a few teenage test-takers to tears.

But few questions on the so-called Big Test appear to have provoked more anxious chatter — at least in this era of texting and online comment streams and discussion threads — than an essay prompt in some versions of the SAT administered last Saturday in which students were…


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SHIT Sure Happy It's Thursday!

I know you probably wanted to be like Mike back in the day, well now you can be like Charlie!…


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Weird dream this Morning! After fighting with Cujo for covers early this am, finally I was able to get enough covers to get somewhat warm. Then it was one of those hard mega sleeps for about an hour or so. I was involved with some drug testing in the DT department of the Hospital. They would come up to you…


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It's a Twisted Tune Tuesday

Looks to be another great day in Arizona,

All day long we'll be doing double shots of your favorite tunes, at 7pm mountain time we'll do a hour of nothing but the best in twofers.

Wildman Rob does his thing tonight from 5-7

This Sunday a brand new line up! Kicking off at 6am it's wake n Bake till…


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A Dog with nine lives?

Hundreds of people want to adopt an Oklahoma dog that survived an attempt to euthanize it.  The pup was one of only five stray dogs that Sulphur animal control officer Scott Prall put to sleep Friday - or so he though. Prall found one of the dogs alive Saturday in a trash bin setaside for dead animals and took it to the vet. He was prancing around and jumping up and down, Prall said. The animal control officer found the stray dog near the animal shelter on… Continue

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Mam, I mean Sir, I mean Airline Attendant person?

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that P.C. Air, a Thai airline startup, is making a point to hire transsexual flight attendants. The airline has recruited six so far and plans to look for more.

"I think these people can have many careers, not just in the…


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