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Maybe I should open up? Will that release the pain I feel.

How Dave became Dave.

  I write this for me. I'm not looking for help, I don't need to fix something.

Just like You, there are times I feel incredible Pain. Other times I scold myself for thinking "why me" when something doesn't go exactly how I want. When that happens I usually see something or someone going through what must be…


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Just another Day in the Life!

Woke up this morning, mapped out my day. A trip to Powerflex Gym (work out) trying to drop some pounds. A few clients to see etc. As I went through my emails I found this: Keep in mind this has been circulating since 2008 but try forgetting that and read it for the first time today.

You're a 19 year old kid.…

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Holy Sh%T Dave wrote a Blog

Another beauty day in AZ. I caught the sun starting to rise out the back door of the radio ranch this morning.

So how are things? I have to say that I have finally escaped a huge lull in my life recently things are really taking off. Soon some of these things will be evident to all. I want to thank all of you…


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Old News Guy

It's weird when I got up at the butt crack of dawn (due to Cujo pushing me out of bed) I wasn't thinking of days going by. I had to take an IV of antibiotics (which I have to do everyday until Dec 27th BTW 4 times a day) because of a big toe infection. I sat looking at the computer thinking about how to get even…


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Star Trek comes alive!!!!!

Remember when Captain Kirk would walk up to the replicator and ask for something like Romulan ale, Well today you can scan a object say a wrench the print a working model.

Maybe I could scan a hot chick!

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Life is hard need a little inspiration?

Did every wake up and think "Ah F&^% it, I tired of all the S&^%". This is the point where some people finally throw in the towel. I've seen this in a variety of venues. No mater whether it's a personal family type hardship or professional or even a natural disaster. There is one truth that runs through the heart of challenge we face in life. Are you going to win or lose? I say win or lose because I believe you need and All or nothing attitude. I simply mean whatever you do, whatever…


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Today is International Disturbed People's Day

I don't care if  you lick windows,

take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself.

You hang in there sunshine, you're special 

Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad, is a full minute of  happiness you'll never get back.

Today's Message of the Day is:

Life is short, Occasionally bend the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you  smile.

Life may not be the party we…


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Sometimes a dream is just a dream!

This morning I woke up around 3. First thought, damn I gotta pee.

  As I lay there not wanting relieve natures call because I'm lazy, I think wow! I haven't dreamed recently. I decide I can hold it so I drift back to sleep and here it came one of my weirdest wildest dreams ever. This one beat the Sex Town and even the flying in Mexico through canyons with no plane just my body.

  Anyway I find myself driving my…


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The first real Blog of the new website.

Welcome to the new Radio Free David Lee…


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