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40 years ago on thursday.....

D. B. Cooper boarded a plane at Sea Tac airport, and hijacked it.  He jumped out around the WA - OR border.  He's never been found, but some money was.

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There is crying in baseball again.

RIP Greg Holman.  He played for the Seattle Mariner's this year.  He was murdered by his brother in Holland this morning.  Unbelievable.

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Just looked at the outside thermometer.  Its a balmy 18' F this morning.  No wonder I was really cold when I got home last nite.  Spent some time with family watching the last 2 Harry Potter movies.  I'm caught up now.  I read the last book in 3 days.  My niece also turned 30 yesterday.  I feel old too.   The best quote of the night was by cousin.  She said something about a "drive by graping."  Yes, you read right.  During my travels yesterday, I hit ticket bastard.  I'm going to see Prince…


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Prince Rogers Nelson...

Is headed to the Tacoma Dome dec 19th.  Saw him back in 1988 in the round.  I am seriously considering getting tickets for this show.  I feel the urge to party like its 1999.

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A Phoenix based classic rock & blues band that has been performing (with various line-ups) for over a decade


Still Creek Band:

"Guitar" Bob - guitar, vocals & bass / "TJ" - guitar, vocals, bass & keyboards / John "Lightning Boy"- guitar, vocals, harmonica & bass / Ray - drums & (when he's not on tour Dave Entz sits in on the keys and helps take this thing to a whole other level)


The Band, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top,…


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Happy Veteran's Day.

My dog decided to celebrate too by waking me up at 5am.  She must have thought it was time for me to go to work or something.  (Or it could still be revenge for taking her to the vet recently- lol).  My dad was national guard, my borhter-in-law is retired Navy.  My late boyfriend was in the Army before he joined a band.  He was stationed in Germany, and when he got out he traveled around europe with a guitar playing in local coffee houses.

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The end of the Joe Paterno era.

This is just sad. JoePa is gone and its not fair.  He wasn't the one who had abused 9 kids in 15 years.  The cops, and school administrators did nothing, yet Joe Paterno is thrown under the bus.  When I was a kid I used to watch the Pitt Vs Penn state games.  I was watching CNN and ESPN earlier.  The students are out in the streets.  One man's riot is another man's chaperoned party.  Coach Paterno is in his 80's and should have been allowed to retire at the end of the season.  But not…


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Dr. Conrad Murray.

Found guilty of manslaughter.  Will get 4 years.  Will be sentenced on nov 29th.  Justice prevailed this time.

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I can't afford it, it's a depression!

This morning I get this in my email:

Just when you thought that it could only happen in radio, TV Guide reported thatFox told the voice actors who…


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Time for reflection!

Andy Rooney passed away today, a guy who came into this world 2 days before prohibition was ratified by 3/4 of the states. The same day John McGraw, Charles A Stoneham, & Judge MCQuade buy NY Giants. Two days before 2 million gallons of molasses flood Boston MA, drowning 21. He admitted to loving…


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I saw the news today oh boy.

RIP Andy Rooney.  I logged on to my email on Yahoo, and read the breaking news.

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Give me the Banjo, Hosted by Steve Martin.

It will be on PBS is evening.  My pbs station in seattle (KCTS will be broadcasting it at 9pm.)  Check your local listings.  And those of us who are on daylight savings time...its time to fall back again on sunday.  And remember tomorrow is the 5th of Novemver.  So you "V" for Vendetta fans....remember, remember the 5th of November.....

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Running around like a crazy person finally caught up with me. I fell asleep during the Joy Behard show (7pm pacific).  Woke up just in time for a repeat of Prime Suspect.  I have never napped unless I was sick before.  Well, I guess I can watch the season premier of Bones at 9pm now.  (lol).  I must be getting old.

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free wi fi is cool!

I'm at a starbuck using free wifi for the first time.  (yippee).  Its the little things that make me a happy camper. Also proof that it doesn't take much to entertain me.


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Crappy Seattle Traffic Update.

The 520 bridge will be closed Nov 5-7th.  Good luck. Carmageddon continues.

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Thanks for the shout out Jay.

Move along people nothing to see here (ha).

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carpal tunnel

I think my carpal tunnel is back,  Bought a wrist brace.  My hand keeps falling asleep.  The bad thing is, its my left and, and I'm left handed.  Looks like the honeymoon phase with my computer is officially over.  I guess I can finish the book I started reading a few days ago (lol)

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