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Night of the Living Dead!

If anyone cares, Night of the Living Dead" will be on Turner Classic Movies at 5pm pacific time.   I've never watched it before.  Check your local listings. and Happy Halloween.   Boo!

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Got a new cell phone.

I didn't have a cell phone for a few years.  But this one has a camera.  I took a few photos of the halloween craft store explosion (my boss goes a little crazy-cause her husband won't let her put up holiday decorations).  I still can't find ring tone options.  (maybe I'm just getting old).  I just wanted a phone so in case my car dies in the middle of nowhere, I can call someone.  I have 2 old cell phones (one is pushing up daisies).  The other one still works when I charge it on occasion. …


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Via doom is over!

I'm headed to Seattle to see a freind of David's.  this will be a happier memory than the last time I saw Jay.  Last time we were in Fife, Wa forming a caravan to Vancouver, WA for David.s funeral.

This should be a hell of a better time.

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Great game last night in Prescott Valley

Killer game last night after the Arizona Sundogs came out like gang busters Wednesday with 2 quick goals then in the first minute of the 2nd period had two goals scored immediately against them (1st a good goal, 2nd a penality was called then our goalie was pushed into the net and the idiot zebras called that a goal. The final result Dogs 2 Missouri Mavericks 7 not pretty. Well somebody must have talked to somebody because last night the dogs played the full 60 minutes then some, he's the…


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Just annonced on facebook

Seattle's own UNDERRIDE is going on tour.  They are Underride Seattle on Facebook.  and I think http://www.underride.net I just had to share.  I don't think they are going to Az though.

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The Mill and the Cross.

Saw this movie last night at my little art house movie theater. (The Grand Tacoma Cinema.)  It had Rutger Hauer and Michael York in it.  It kind of reminded me of the old Kirk Douglas movie Lust for Life.  But this artist (can't recall his name off hand) didn't cut off his ear for his art.  There was some nudity.  A few naughty bits (thank you monty python) here and there, (both male and female), but nothing too gratiutus.  The local paper gave it 4 1/2 stars.  The artist was Pieter Bruegel …


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Cheap license plate holders.

Don't ya just love it when the front license plate holder falls off of your car?  That happened again yesterday. Luckily I noticed it and retreived it.  In washington state if you don't have a front license plate the friendly officer pulls you over and you get a "fix it" ticket.  Never again. The thing has been zipped tied on with the help of a neighbor.  Cheap plastic and rusting screws are a bad combo. Whoever engineered it at Saturn must have been on drugs at the time. 

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Getting a passport is easy just expensive.

Some day I'd like to go to canada again.  When I was kid we went to Victoria, BC on vacation.  We just took the ferry from Anacortes, WA.  No problem.  Well, now you need a passport.  The process is pretty easy.  I had to get a copy of my birth cirtificate at the Health Dept.  Filled out a little form and paid them $20.  Two minutes later I have certificate of live birth.  My parents (god love em) framed my birth certificate when I was born. Next step, the application at the post office. …


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Happy halloween!

if anyone really cares. I'll be at the central in pioneer square for the Slackers Hallowee bash.  I haven't seen Jay W. since Dave's funeral. This should be fun.  I'll be mourning the loss of parking under the viaduct.  Veteran's day weekend will be having too much fun with the Painted Window boys.  And Finally watching a friend play the "Ghost of Christmas present (Bob Gonzales ex member of "Structure and Modern Union.  Later that nite its the 10th annual all star porn jam (featuring…


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Bad things really do happen in 3's

After Dan Weldon passed last week.  We lost two other people int the racing world. (yes, I  was watching wind tunnel again).  There was a guy who died in a plane crash.  Then on sunday that kid who (I didn't see it) crashed in the middle of the track, his helmet fell off, two competitors didn't see him, and they both ran right over his neck.  Instant broken neck.  Very grusome way to go.

There have been so many improvements over the years you forget how dangerous racing actually…


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Rail was way too much fun.

http://www.railonline.net.  They still got it for a bunch of old guys.  Terry's Voice gets better with age.

The kds who opened the show were amazing.  Steve Unger's son, and friends.  It was Metal Church the Next Generation .  I'm not sure on the name of the band, but some day these kids will be headlining areas.  They deserved a mosh pit, but us old folks just didn't have it in us.  They did get the \m/ a few times.  They closed with Steve…


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Tawn Mastrey Foundation Radio


The Tawn Mastrey Foundation has recorded a PSA to be posted and played everywhere!  

The PSA is in the playlist on the TMF page. Please send to all your friends and those in the music biz.

DJs, please play the spot any time you can.

Playing this spot will help get the word out and fulfill Tawn’s wish to eradicate Hep C.…


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Last kiss comics.

I am on the mailing list for Last Kiss Comic via my email.  I post them on facebook.  Does anyone know of a simple way to post it here, so I can share the wealth.  The guy was at Cascadia con (world con was out of the united states that year).  I think the webiste is still on the web at


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Facebook post from the bob rivers show,

I don't know if this will work but I'm going to try.


http://www.bobrivers .com/facebook.


Michael Winslow is on a talk show and breaks out into Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love.  Its awesome,  Just thought I'd share before I call it a night.  You can scroll down a little farther and see Laurel and Hardy dance to Santana.

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Too many damn password.

I've got so many passwords, between my email, work computer, and facebook no wonder I keep forgetting my damn password.  They got kadaffi (yippee).  Dan Weldon's funeral will be sunday.  If its on espn I don't know if I will wach it.  Between him, Dave Niehaus (Mariner's announcer), and Capt Phil, it brought up a bunch of emotional stuff about losing Dave 6 1/2 years ago.  I talked to an ex Reverend band memeber last night, and he still thinks about Dave every day too.




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remember me??

I was next you in the Er on Monday!!!! let me know if there is anyway to get some tickets my daughter and i would love to go watch!!!!


ann kohl

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RIP Dan Weldon

I've been a fan of open wheel racing since I was a child.  What happened yesterday was due to greed, too many cars on the tack (indy only has 33 cars)., excessive speed.  The NASCAR guys don't go that fast there.  During the pre-race show Dario said, when he crashed there, he knew it was way too dangerous. 

Because of stupid decisions this year by race stewards the sport I have loved as a child has taken a massive hit.  If you saw the steaming pile of dog crap known (by me) at the end…


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RIP Dan Weldon

I wrote a really long post about this a few minutes ago.  I forgot to save it when I went to edit it.  So here are the highlights.

Yesterday totally sucked.

You can write your comments to openwheelmailbag@gmail.com  Robin Miller does answer you mail.  I made mailbag a few weeks back.

Alex Zanardi had a nasty crash in sept 2001 in germnay when his legs were amputated in a crash.


Rip Tony Rena, Dale sr. and…


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As I read the news and get ready for today's show the first thing I see after updated this day in rock is this!

Gunman In Calif. Kills 8 People At Hair Salon

A gunman opened fire in a busy hair salon, killing eight people and critically wounding another while leaving bodies scattered throughout the business in a normally sedate Southern California beach community.…


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First I've had something going on in my life for almost three years now actually started before that, it is almost over and I cannot wait to let you in and finally put this behind me. Details soon

Next Nancy Grace first you are one ugly bitch, and when I say ugly I'm not talking…


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