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Sometimes a dream is just a dream!

This morning I woke up around 3. First thought, damn I gotta pee.

  As I lay there not wanting relieve natures call because I'm lazy, I think wow! I haven't dreamed recently. I decide I can hold it so I drift back to sleep and here it came one of my weirdest wildest dreams ever. This one beat the Sex Town and even the flying in Mexico through canyons with no plane just my body.

  Anyway I find myself driving my…


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Be Healthy have MORE SEX!

It's true that infrequent sex can increase your risk of a heart attack. Now new research which supports my own private research that frequent sex can relieve stress and just like frequent exercise. So why work out just get busy!

It seems impossible to get through winter without hearing a news story about some poor guy who drops dead of a heart attack while shoveling snow.…


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If you are taking the SAT's better catch up on your Reality TV!

Every year, the SAT reduces more than a few teenage test-takers to tears.

But few questions on the so-called Big Test appear to have provoked more anxious chatter — at least in this era of texting and online comment streams and discussion threads — than an essay prompt in some versions of the SAT administered last Saturday in which students were…


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Glen Beck, some dumb bitch much worse then Gilbert Gottfried!

The events in Japan are horrific! The workers who are going into that reactor to try to cool it down and control the radiation are heroes. We all see the emotions of the people of Japan on the news. That aside the behavior of AFLAC is a knee jerk reaction of corporate execs who don't give a shit about the people of Japan. It's all about the money! …


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SHIT Sure Happy It's Thursday!

I know you probably wanted to be like Mike back in the day, well now you can be like Charlie!…


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Weird dream this Morning! After fighting with Cujo for covers early this am, finally I was able to get enough covers to get somewhat warm. Then it was one of those hard mega sleeps for about an hour or so. I was involved with some drug testing in the DT department of the Hospital. They would come up to you…


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It's a Twisted Tune Tuesday

Looks to be another great day in Arizona,

All day long we'll be doing double shots of your favorite tunes, at 7pm mountain time we'll do a hour of nothing but the best in twofers.

Wildman Rob does his thing tonight from 5-7

This Sunday a brand new line up! Kicking off at 6am it's wake n Bake till…


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A Dog with nine lives?

Hundreds of people want to adopt an Oklahoma dog that survived an attempt to euthanize it.  The pup was one of only five stray dogs that Sulphur animal control officer Scott Prall put to sleep Friday - or so he though. Prall found one of the dogs alive Saturday in a trash bin setaside for dead animals and took it to the vet. He was prancing around and jumping up and down, Prall said. The animal control officer found the stray dog near the animal shelter on… Continue

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