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The Artist

Saw the movie "The Artist" last night at my little independent movie theater.  I liked it a lot.  But then again I'm an old movie buff.  The dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) stole the show from the humans.  A lot of good movies are out right now just in time for the voters of the academy to vote on them.   Come late February the crappy movies are coming back to a theater near you.

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The snow is gone.

Well, almost.  Except for the "ice burgs" in parking lots.  I'm ready for the next round.

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Fight for your Rights


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Smowmaggedon contnues.

As of 9 am (took out a ruler), 10 inches of snow.  Its still coming down.  Its up to the dog's shoulders.  Made a path for her in the back yard.

My back doesn't like me any more.  Its supposed to warm up and rain.  I'll believe it when it happens.

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Brrrr its cold outside.

Its a balmy 20 degrees this morning.  RIP One Life to Life.  Another soap bites the dust on friday.

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The great medical records fiasco of 2012.

My doctor is retiring so I have to find a new doctor.  I got a letter in the mail in november.  The letter told me I had 90 days to find someone.  Well I have found a new physician.  Last time I called my ex doctor, they left a recorded message with instructions, and recommended to of her collegues, neither of whom were accepting new patients.  I called today to retrieve my medical records.  The phone has been disconnected (my 90days are up in Feb.).  So now I don't know where my medical…


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We had our cake and ate it too.

It was good and it was chocolate.  While rockin in the New year at hell's Kitchen with Beyond Theory and American Wrecking co, we had a birthday boy.  One of the guitar players in Beyond theory turned 40 tonight.  He partied like a rock star and a rockin death netal time was had by all.  So happy new year to all my Arizona radio buddies you know who you are.  My metal brothers from a different mother.

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